This is absolutely the best topic to deal here which may clearly depicts the use of both the strategies in promoting a business. Before enter the topic in depth, just know what is exactly the term SEO and SEM define? What is the purpose of using the tactics in business hierarchy? What made the use of these components in the internet promotion of websites, etc? Answer to above these questions resides with the following explanation that may helpful to understand each other. Many of people are confusing with the two concepts and misuse the same interchangeably and that is strictly prohibited as both the terms owe their own importance with unique difference and dignity. 

What is SEO?

SEO is abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization which enhances organic searching process in the internet and help promoting the business. The SEO increases the search visibility on the internet and thereby promote the website for business and also the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and reciprocally increases the PPC (paid per click) of the particular page. SEO is optimizing and advertising process, as well, used in the marketing strategy and perhaps does their job conditionally. Certainly, many rules and terms are needed to follow while organizing a new SEO for web traffic and once when all done successfully then the SEO is all ready to increase the organic search by visitors.

Things to do:

What are the things that are needed to do while executing the SEO successfully? One can answer to the question to follow the rules that are mentioned to follow or abide by in order to have a successful SEO launching. 

  • Be sure about the content that is loaded in the web page.
  • Follow updated version of the HTML and may also use the HTTPS in the place of http instead which may improve the URL inversely.
  • Avoid using the special characters like ‘?’, ‘!’, ‘%’, etc and also avoid using underscores (_) unnecessarily. 
  • Use of hyphens (-) is highly recommended instead the underscore (_) 
  • Not too much lengthy URL is recommended unless necessary. 

Above said points are proven to be valued to follow while setting up the SEO and make successful. Besides, use of ‘alt’ tag wherever necessary may help develop the well designed web page and initiates or speed up the Search Engine Optimization, probably. 

Advantages of SEO:

SEO Miami describes it as: finding a way distinctively in the place of small business and thereby help developing the same in all positive aspects. It helps promoting the business by increasing the content in SERP that is the Search Engine Result Page and thereby raising the PPC i.e. the pay-per-click. This may substantially increase the Return of Investment and grasps more visitors to the website, gradually. 

 Improved or up dated SEO content may have high ranking and increased site traffic leading to organic search of the website. This may help to improve the business or any other sector to straighten the competition and to lead a successful concern of internet marketing. 

Disadvantages of SEO:

Despite being advantageous, the impact of disadvantages is quite noticeable proving the restriction in use of SEO. The increasing number of visitors other than the targeted visitors is the major impact that may drag the use of SEO limitedly. Existence of legalized and illegalized SEOs who in turn may follow or neglect the rules of SEO terminologies respectively and it is up to the customer who is looking for best SEO results is ought to go for the ‘’white hat’’ SEO companies leaving behind the rule-breaking ones that may offer the service at cheaper cost of cheaper value. But for the case of genuine companies may charges high but give great SEO results perpetually.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing is the coined by experts who are looking for the internet marketing involving the promotion of websites. This is achieved by increasing the visibility of the same in the SERP via paid advertising format and other components. Usually, the Search Engine Optimization is the component of Search Engine Marketing that enhances the business promotion and PPC and paid search marketing. 

Advantages of SEM:

It offers the brand awareness and promotes the business or the brand in turn to rank higher in the web traffic. More the brand quality and services will let more website ranking in search engines which ultimately or gradually imbibes more visitors visiting the site. Even the Search Engine Marketing may offer enriched growth of product via PPC, SEO and other components. Remember SEO is one of the components of SEM but both work hand in hand to provide all ailments in business strategies.

In order to earn better Return of Investment, the large and small scale companies are dependent on the Search Engine Marketing which helps saving excessive marketing expenses by preventing other sort of marketing strategies instead. Only the SEM is proven to be the authorized source of web analytics which provide the comparable results in the process of promoting the business or product.

Disadvantage of SEM:

Though many hopeful remarks speaks for SEM, proportional but rational disadvantages are there dragging down the Search Engine Marketing. Highlighting negative impact may be the targeted marketing which needs spending lot of money and time to find optimum combination of success. Perhaps, small scale companies do not fetch much time and money to do needful. 

Periodical update of the version with utmost outsourcing skill is necessarily needed that is also not possible for small vendors who may not afford skillful outsource resources. 

To follow the ethical strategies is desperately impossible practically rather it is also not possible to abide by unethical strategies that may pull down the online reputation and never be able to climb up rationally.


This article concludes with the factor or the point that it is terribly impossible for the Search Engine Marketing to work independently without the influence of Search Engine Optimization since it’s being one of the components of SEM. Thus, in order to maintain the online reputation more and more time and financial source is necessary for any business sector to succeed and to abide by the ethical strategies.